Valentine Gifts for Each Crossroad in Your Relationship

Valentine Gifts for Each Crossroad in Your Relationship

Some people go all out for Valentines Day with lavish gifts, limo rides, and expensive dinners.  My husband and I have always preferred thoughtful gifts and quiet, intimate dinners at home.  It is interesting to look back on the different stages of our relationship each year.  We went from boyfriend and girlfriend to fiances, fiances to spouses, and from spouses to parents.  Although it has only been five years, our relationship and lives have changed dramatically from where we started as college sweethearts.  And as the years pass our relationship will continue to grow and change but our love for one another will remain.  

With the thought of my Valentines Days in mind, I decided to curate some Valentine gift ideas for your significant other at five major crossroads in your relationship.  One could argue that there are more than five crossroads in a relationship but I decided to focus on boyfriend and girlfriend, fiances, spouses, parents, and grandparents.  




The kick putt babe golf ball marker is a great gift for your boyfriend.  It says, "thoughtful, flirty, and fun loving," without saying, "I'm picking out my wedding dress and choosing our baby names." It could be paired with a fun day on the golf course or a six pack of his favorite beer.







Does your girlfriend hold a special place in your heart but you aren't quite ready for the committal "I love you" stage of your relationship? The you're my person key chain is the perfect gift for her.  It lets her know that she means a lot to you without having to say a premature, "I love you." This key chain and can be paired with a romantic dinner or a fun coffee date.









 Let your fiance know how happy you are that he has your heart with the best catch ever lure.  This lure can be used on the fun fishing date you planned or check out how you can give it as a keepsake in our shadow box tutorial.











I still remember how excited I was to get my first "W" for my soon to be new last name.  You already gave her the ring, now gift her with something that will celebrate the name you will share.  The initial necklace is a great way to surprise her and tell her how much you look forward to your lives together.  She isn't changing her name?  No problem!  Put your initial on the necklace so she can always keep you close to her heart.  She can wear her necklace on the wine tasting trip you planned or can be given with a bouquet of her favorite flowers.





Often when my husband or I say, "I love you," the other follows with an, "I love you more." The I love you more tie clip has this sweet, secret message on the back and is monogrammed with your husband's initials on the front.  You can give the tie clip to him to wear on your dinner date or surprise him at work with it and a nice lunch.







I love when my husband gives me a gift that I see or use every day.  The I still do key chain is a romantic, daily reminder of your wedding vows.  Want to make it even more romantic? Customize the key chain with your personal wedding vows on the back side. Get her car detailed, leave her favorite flowers on the front seat, and give her back her keys with her new key chain attached.  







Has your husband ever said, "Some days I feel like I'm just going through the motions."  Let him know how much you appreciate everything he does for your family with the best dad ever collar stays.  When he is having a rough day at work and feels these in his collar he will be reminded of why it is all worth it. These can be given with a gift certificate for a massage or plan a surprise date and have a babysitter all lined up for when he gets home from work.  






 Jewelry is always a great go to gift for Valentines Day no matter what your relationship status is.  The special mom in your life is sure to love the mama bear cuff, it is stylish and versatile (two things we women always look for in jewelry).  Give it to her with the phone number of the house cleaner you just hired to come a few times or when your in-laws come to pick up the kids so you can have a date night in. 






Surprise your husband with the we love grandpa lure and a fishing trip planned with all your grandchildren.  Not only will he get to spend time with the grand kids but every time he goes fishing he will be reminded of the many years of love you have shared.  







This one might take a little planning but if you send us all of your grandchildren's hand prints we can create a beautiful necklace. Your wife will melt when she sees all of their hand prints together.  Give it to her when all of your grand kids show up for a cookie baking day with grandma.  




If these ideas aren't quite hitting the mark check out what else we have on our website.  Still can't find exactly what you're looking for?  Email us at and we will work with you to create a custom piece.  


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