10 Days of Valentine's Day Giveaways! Jan 24th-Feb 2nd

10 Days of Valentine's Day Giveaways! Jan 24th-Feb 2nd

It's that time of the year again, where we're expected to give our loved ones a great gift that shows them just how much we love, and appreciate them. We might be able to help you out in that department this year, we're doing a 10 days of Valentine's Day giveaways. Any of these giveaways would make the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. So don't miss out on these amazing items, you might just be one of our lucky winners.

Day #1 Giveaway!

Our Eat Sleep Fish Car Decal and I Love You More Than You Love Fishing Fishing Lure would be great gifts to give to either your husband, fiance, or boyfriend. They would also pair great with a new fishing pole, fishing license, or even his favorite beer. 

Day #2 Giveaway!

This I Love You Initials Necklace is the perfect gift to tell her you love her. It also has both of your initials on it so she can always look down and be reminded of you. You can pair this necklace with her favorite flowers, or even a romantic dinner date. This would also be a great gift for your girlfriend or fiance as well.

Day #3 Giveaway!


Need a great gift for your boyfriend, fiance, or husband? Our I Love You More Tie Clip would be a great fit, especially if they have a favorite tie that they enjoy wearing. You could surprise them with this gift before you go on a dinner date, or before they go to work. Pair this tie clip with a new tie, or one of his favorite colognes. 


Day #4 Giveaway!


Surprise your wife with our adorable wifey shirt. Not only will she love the shirt but everytime she wears it she'll be reminded of how lucky she is to have you as her husband. This shirt would pair nicely with a beautiful pair of earrings, or even her favorite perfume.


Day #5 Giveaway!


Does your husband love to golf? You could give him these Kick Putt Babe Golf Tees and I Love It When My Wife Lets Me Go Golfing Golf Ball Marker. So everytime he goes golfing he'll be reminded of his beautiful wife. These would pair great with a new set of golf clubs, golf balls, or even a homemade, candle lit dinner made just for him.


Day #6 Giveaway!


Our matching He Likes My Butt and She Likes My Beard T-Shirts would make the perfect gift for your girlfriend, boyfriend, fiance, husband or wife. These shirts are super cute, and would go great with a box of chocolates, or even a movie date.       


Day #7 Giveaway!


Beards can be so sexy, show your fiance, or husband how sexy you think they are with our I Love Your Beard Men's Necklace. He'll love to show off how awesome you think his beard is. I mean who doesn't love a compliment from their loved ones?! You could give this necklace with a free back massage pass, a get away for the two of you for the weekend, or with a gift certificate to his favorite activity.


Day #8 Giveaway!


This Hubby Guitar Pick is such a great gift for your husband if he loves to play the guitar. Everytime he goes to play a song he'll be reminded of his wife. This would be a great gift especially if he travels as well, he'll always have a little piece of you with him. This gift would pair well with a song that you wrote for him about your love, or even when you're at dinner enjoying some live music.


Day #9 Giveaway!


My husband and I love going fishing, it's something we both enjoy doing together. Does your husband love drinking beer and fishing? Our I Love It When My Wife Lets Me Go Fishing Pint Glass would be the perfect gift for him. You could give this pint glass with new fishing gear, a tackle box, or even a new fishing hat.


Day #10 Giveaway!


Surprise your boyfriend, fiance, or husband with our Sexy Men's T-shirt. It will make them feel masculine and boost their ego. Who wouldn't want to know that their significant other thinks they're "sexy". This shirt would go great with his favorite dinner, or activity.




If none of these Giveaway Items tickle your fancy for that perfect gift for your loved one check out all of our other great gifts on our website Still can't find exactly what you're looking for?  Feel free to email us at contact@sierrametaldesign.com and we will work with you to create that perfect custom item for you to make your Valentine's Day gift perfect.

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