Pregnancy Announcement

Pregnancy Announcement



It was around this time last year that my husband and I found out that we were going to be blessed with a little bundle of joy. As first time parents we were excited to share the news with our families.  Unfortunately, this was before I was working for Sierra Metal Design and was not familiar with all the great products.  So I scoured Pinterest for unique ideas to break the news.  We ended up just wrapping up a pacifier and giving it to our parents.  Of course they were ecstatic but a year later the pacifier, that represented so much at the time, is nowhere to be found.  Someday if we are blessed with another baby, we will be better equipped with how to break the big news.  

With the Holidays coming up and families gathering, it is the perfect time to let your family know if you are expecting.  Here are a few fun ideas so you aren't stuck with a silly pacifier.

The first person to hear the exciting news will probably be the baby's father.  Let him know with this awesome guitar pick that says "Dad Est. 2017". It is pictured here with a beanie knitted by yours truly and a drool bib that I picked up at Little Roots Toy Shop.







The Soon to be Grandma and Grandpa Christmas ornament is a fun way to let your parents know the exciting news.  All through out the Christmas season they will be showing off the newest addition to their tree.  













If you want grandma and grandpa to open up their own gifts, we have the perfect key chain for grandma.  It reads, "The best moms get promoted to grandma," and it is sure to bring tears to your mom's eyes.  













For grandpa we have the fun Soon to be Grandpa golf ball marker.  This golf ball marker will give him bragging rights every time he hits the golf course.  















You can let any other important person know with this fun custom fishing lure that reads, "It's time for a bigger boat." Another option is to choose any one of our custom items and put your own saying on it.  We are always happy to help announce your little bundle of joy and are willing to help make your design dream a reality.











Congratulations to all you soon to be moms and dads!  Happy announcing! 


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