Gifts to Celebrate Moms

Gifts to Celebrate Moms

This Mother's Day is an exciting one for me; it is the first year that I will be celebrating as a mom. Last year I was patiently waiting the birth of my daughter.  I've learned so much this past year, yet I would not be the mother I am today without all that my own mother has taught me. This year I'm even more excited to celebrate all the mothers who have had such a huge impact on my life.  We have some amazing products to help you celebrate the mothers that have influenced you in your journey as a mom.  

I'm in love with the First My Mother Forever My Friend Keychain.  When I first saw this product, I immediately wanted to give it to my mom while enjoying coffee together.  All mothers know that once you become a mom your prayer life increases significantly. With your mom's new keychain and coffee mug, adding a prayer journal, is the perfect gift.  She will be sure to love these gifts and use them daily.  

When I think of grandmas, I think of a loving, classy, elderly woman.  Our Grandma Necklace is sure to be the perfect accessory for your elegant grandmother.  What says loving and comfort more than a cup of tea?  She is sure to love the necklace and memories you will share together enjoying her favorite warm beverage.   

The one thing every mother can agree upon is that the role of motherhood comes with many blessings.  Celebrate your little blessings with the Blessed Necklace.  It is the perfect gift for yourself or for any mom in your life.  If you are a husband giving this necklace to your wife, give her a little reminder of how much you love her.  I paired the Blessed Necklace with this sweet I love you to the moon and back decor.  

Can't forget about the Best Grandma Ever Keychain for the best grandma.  For years I've been giving my grandparents framed pictures for special occasions.  Unfortunately my siblings and cousins had the same idea.  Along with the Best Grandma Ever Keychain I'm giving my grandma a photo album so she can condense her photos into one place.  

I'm so excited to celebrate my first Mother's Day as a mom.  Wishing all of you mothers a wonderful day full of love and joy.  


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