Five Things to do With Ornaments Other than Hang Them on the Tree

Five Things to do With Ornaments Other than Hang Them on the Tree



I absolutely love Christmas time.  Being with family, giving gifts, and great food where could you go wrong? As silly as it seems one of my favorite things about the holiday season is decorating.  We don't just decorate the tree and call it good; my husband and I go a little overboard.  Every room in the house has a little bit of Christmas cheer.  

Since we love Christmas so much, we have an overabundance of ornaments.  My husband and I each had our own when we got married, we have collected some since we've been together, and now our daughter even has her own little stash.  Unfortunately we can not fit them all on our tree.  There are plenty of ways to show off your ornaments other than hang them from the tree.  I decided to share a few decorating tips and tricks so that you are not limited this Christmas season.  

1. Put the ornament on a wreath.

Wreaths are so expensive if they are already assembled and adding personalization to it only drives up the price.  Making a wreath is much more economically friendly and is easy to do.  With this wreath I simply wrapped a ribbon around it, added a bow, pine cones, decorative berries, and our home sweet home ornament.  It was easy to do and much less expensive than buying a pre-assembled one.  

2. Use them as stocking markers. 

In a perfect world all of our stockings would have our names on them.  Who has the time or money to do that?  Using an ornament individualizes each stocking but still give you the opportunity to change your decorating style without having to invest in expensive stockings. 

3. Put them in a shadow box.

Shadow boxes are a great way to show off your ornaments.  They look amazing by themselves or you can add pictures with them.  Check out my October post for an easy tutorial.

4. Hang them on your towels.

We always have two sets of towels in our bathroom; the set that makes the room look good and the set you dry your hands on.  Adding ornaments to the decorative towels will give your room a fun finished look.  I simply safety pinned the ornaments to the towels and was done!

5. Use an ornament instead of a gift tag.

Another thing I love to do is wrap gifts.  Adding an ornament to a gift will give it a little something extra and you don't have to be a master wrapper for your gift to look amazing!



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