Necklaces and Flowers the Perfect Gift for Mom

Necklaces and Flowers the Perfect Gift for Mom




A few weeks ago I asked my husband what he was planning on getting his mom for Mother's Day this year.  Of course he responded with something along the lines of, "I was thinking I would just pick up some flowers and maybe a card."  I hate to stereotype but... typical guy.  Don't get me wrong, moms usually love flowers and appreciate anything you do for them but I had to kindly suggest to my husband that we kick it up a notch this year.  

I was thinking flowers are my husband's comfort zone.  For special occasions, my birthday, our anniversary, or just because he always nails it on flowers.  Out of respect for his gift idea I suggested that we also get his mom a necklace.  This got me thinking that moms usually like both flowers and jewelry according to their own personal style.  Here are a few Mother's Day flower and necklace pairing ideas that won't break the bank and will be a thoughtful touch this year.


Some moms are minimalist and like things clean and simple.  This is a necklace set for mothers and daughters.  One necklace reads, "I love you," and the other says, "to the moon and back," and both are personalized with a name.  I chose to match these up with tulips because tulips are a traditional, simplistic flower that do not need extra greenery to dress them up. 


Sunflowers are very western, so what country mom wouldn't like our bushel and a peck necklace?  When I first created this necklace it made me wonder, what is a bushel and a peck?  Both a bushel and a peck are units of dry volume measurements. When you say, "I love you a bushel and a peck," it is similar to saying, "I love you a lot and a little bit more than that too." Show your mom exactly how much you love her with this necklace.  


Although the arrow bar necklace is not part of our specialty Mother's Day Collection, it is one one my favorites.  This necklace is great for the boho chic mom.  It is fun and modern just like the succulent it is paired with.  


If your mother is more traditional, roses are definitely the flower for her.  The circular shape of the My Mother My Friend necklace is perfect for traditional moms.  This necklace can be personalized with the birthstones of your mother's children.  


Most of us can remember our moms singing, "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine." This is another mother daughter necklace set and pairs perfectly with beautiful, bright gerber daisies for the hippie mom.  Mom's necklace says, "you are my sunshine," while daughter's reads, "my only sunshine," and both are customized with an initial heart.  This necklace will make your mom happy when skies are gray.

Didn't see what you were looking for? Need something for grandma too? Check out the rest of our Mother's Day Collection at our website  



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