The Perfect First Communion Gift

The Perfect First Communion Gift



Last week I received an invitation in the mail for my cousin's First Communion.  This year I promised myself I would be on top of all of my gifts instead of waiting until the last minute.  That typically results in a gift I'm not too excited about or a bit of cash stuffed into a card.

First Communion is a large religious step for boys and girls in the Catholic community so I knew I had to get my cousin something I would want to receive as a seven or eight year old.  Unfortunately we do not have a Catholic book store in my area and a young Catholic can only use so many rosaries.  If you are looking for a unique, personalized Communion gift  here are some great ideas.  

What young man does not like ice-cream?  I thought it would be a fun idea to pair up our boy's Communion necklace with an ice-cream gift card.  Baskin Robbins is a great choice since they have stores all over the world but you could also try giving a gift certificate to a local ice-cream parlor.  Don't have time to pick up a gift card? Along with the necklace you could attach a hand made coupon that is good for one trip for ice-cream.  This will also allow for you to catch up and hear all about their First Communion. 


The typical rosary for a First Communion is plain white and it seems as though every young Catholic receives three or more for this special occasion.  This is why I decided to pair our girl's Communion bracelet with this rose bud bracelet rosary from Handmaid Rosaries By Allyn. You can order our Communion bracelet through our website and can purchase a rosary similar to this one by direct messaging Allyn on Instagram.  If you live in or near California's Central Valley you can also pick up a rosary at One Sixteen Bijou on Main Street in Turlock.  

Is your young Catholic also a musician?  This is a guitar pick they will hold on to for a lifetime.  Since it is made out of stainless steel they can play all the heavy metal they want without fear of breaking their pick.  If heavy metal is not their style of music I'm sure this pick can help in practicing for the worship band.  


Your Godmother and Godfather are responsible for guiding you in your religious life.  If you have made it to your First Communion I'd say they are doing a pretty good job so far.  Here are some fun ideas for the perfect Godmother and Godfather gifts.  

It is never too early to give a Christmas ornament and because of our classic heart design it can be used for decor all year round.  No matter their age or style, women love scarves.  If you do not have time to go shopping for the perfect pattern a hand crafted card makes for a wonderful gift as well.  

Flowers always brighten up a room and are sure to bring a smile to your Godmother's face.  When paired with our personalized Godmother necklace you are sure to receive some extra prayers every time she is complimented on it.  

Is your Godfather a golfer but you haven't quite mastered how to swing a club?  The Godfather golf ball marker is perfect for him.  You can also make him an offer he can't refuse and take him on a mini golf trip.  I love going to Twain Harte Mini Golf in the Sierra Nevadas, it is fun for all ages! 

A man can never have too many ties.  It seems as though men keep their ties for a lifetime.  While it is nice for them to have a large selection, we all know there are some ties that simply need to be retired to the thrift store.  Update your Godfather's wardrobe with a tie from this century and our cool Godfather tie clip. 


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